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PIGS, Why we no longer carry them.(UPDATED)

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Ok someone out there is obviously bored and needs something to do. I found out last weekend a certain someone is claiming I got certain deseases from the pigs, they gave it a big old fancy name and all and I had to be hospitalized to be treated. Its pretty simple all Ill I got was the shits, not some big viral/desaese that required being hospitalized bla bla bla. I dont know what makes me so important people feel the need to talk about me, but there the truth the shits, hersey squirts, diarehha. Thats all folks!



We no longer carry pigs. We found them to be disease vectors. Nutritionally you’re just as well off feeding grass to your snakes, they have no value. Second I myself got sick a couple times and had to be treated for the shits from handling them. Also the more I learned about those operations, the MASSIVE amounts of antibiotics etc the less I wanted anything to do with it. And lastly it was brought to my attention by a good friend out east who runs one of the largest python breeding operations out there. He switched from Rabbits to pigs and went from an 85-90% hatch ratio on rabbits to less than 15% on pigs. From the day the female pythons dropped their eggs that year he had problems. Problems he never had before the eggs were not right from day one. After that he went back to rabbits and also to an 85-90% hatch ratio. And last be carefull if you are getting them from somehwere while I was getting them all I carried were surplus, over production killed on the spot. Many of these operations selling them are selling the ones that have been lying around dead that were trampled on by the adults or were unable to get a nipple and starved to death and how long they were lying dead before someone picked them up is anyones guess.


Take all this for what you will; I no longer sell them so there’s no gain in me telling you this. I just don’t recommend them nor do I want to see anyone else get sick from them or waste a year.

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